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The UntoldSecret Behind the Ring of Lady Diana...

Known as the “People’s Princess,” Lady Diana is a fan favorite amongst the royal family of course.

During the 1980’s, her popularity was so high that nearly a 100,000 people walked through the streets of Tokyo just to be able to see herand Prince Charles drive across Japan...

Her reach was well beyond United Kingdom.

This led to a controversy at the time, since she did not follow the traditions of the Royal Family and refused to wear gloves while she was meeting with her fans of all ages and backgrounds.

However... the controversy only led her to become more famous than she already was, people saw her to be more in touch with her “humanity.”

In fact, she was so popular all throughout the world that media started to call the phenomena the “Diana Fever.”

This wholesome collaboration of fans all over the world, cheering together for their beloved Princess, came to stump at an unimaginable twist of fate as she tragically passed away after a car accident, while she was only 36 years old...

Regardless, her death was not the end of her fame.

She broke many traditions of the Royal Family...

She became the first royalty of England to have a paying job: she worked as a dance instructor and a preschool teaching assistant.

She became the first royalty to give birth in a hospital, while it was the tradition for the members of the Royal Family to give birth at the Palace.

She had written over thousands of letters by herself to each person, no matter the background, who sent her presents for the birth of her sons.

Some of those letters have been auctioned for as high as $20,000!

But perhaps her most valuable asset was her engagement ring.

Not because of its value, not because if its price tag. But because of the meaning behind it.

The engagement ring of Princess Diana itself was a representation of her life and times on this earth.

For the first time, a royal bride chose her engagement ring out of a catalog.

This was a big deal at the time because it meant that everyone could go over to the jeweler and buy the same exact ring with the Princess herself...

It wasn’t exclusive to her.

It wasn’t showing off her royal upbringing.

It was something that everybody could reach.

This was the essence of what made her the “People’s Princess.”

The ring represented Princess Diana, as it still does.

In fact, you can still buy Princess Diana’s engagement ring and carry on that legacy of humanitarianism.

As a celebration of Lady Diana’s wedding on July 1981, Décor Raro is currently running a huge campaign where you can get the Lady Diana ring with 82% discount!

Décor Raro makes sure to honor the Princess by using quality silver and material to represent her elegance and humanity.

Click here to learn more about this limited time deal and carry on the tradition!

Princess Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire Ring
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Princess Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire Ring
Princess Diana's Silver Ring - DÉCOR RARO
Princess Diana Ring & Kate Middleton Ring
Lady Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire & Sterling Silver Ring - DÉCOR RARO
Lady Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire & Sterling Silver Ring - DÉCOR RARO
Lady Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire & Sterling Silver Ring - DÉCOR RARO
Lady Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire & Sterling Silver Ring - DÉCOR RARO

Princess Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire Ring

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Princess Diana Ring - The Iconic Lady Di Ring

Princess Diana Ring


At Décor Raro, we idolized Princess Diana. We wanted to create a perfect homage, a ring that capitulates her elegance and prestige.  

We asked our jewelers to craft a perfect copy of her iconic engagement ring carefully. The result was breathtaking. A ring that's even been purchased by a Royal Princess.

Princess Diana Ring Dimmensions

Now it's possible to own a piece of history —the truly stunning Princess Diana Engagement ring. A masterpiece of craftsmanship, forged from valuable materials like solid sterling silver, that's been hallmarked to verify its authenticity.

The dazzling blue Sapphire originates from Europe, Switzerland. Surrounding this elegant gemstone are fifteen beautifully bright crystals that catch the light magnificently.

Most importantly, this ring tells a compelling story. Read our customer reviews for more.

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