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Find out how you can recreate the timeless glamor of one of the most iconic and beautiful women of the last century...

Sounds complicated right?

Before I tell you how you can celebrate the life of Princess Diana, and pay homage to her timeless beauty and grace in your own way, I want to ask you…

  • Are you a fan of classic, elegant jewelry pieces?
  • Are you sick of seeing cheap, tacky jewelry everywhere?
  • You know that you can get jewellery fit for a princess at affordable pricing, right?

So why haven't you?

Well fear not, today you have a chance to get an iconic piece of jewelry that you can be proud of…

We all know the tragic story of Princess Diana.

A beautiful elegant woman who was adored all over the world…

 Her bright, graceful demeanour captured the hearts of people on all corners of the earth.

Perhaps you remember her beautiful, iconic engagement ring?

We did and we commissioned our in house jewellers to make the closest, most accurate copy of it that they could!

This is what they came up with...

Princess Diana Ring

See what these happy customers had to say about the ring…

How we recreated this iconic ring and what you can expect when you order it…

  • Blue lab-grown sapphire sourced directly from Switzerland (Clarity Grade: VVS)
  • Expertly crafted from sterling silver
  • Hallmarked to verify authenticity.
  • FREE Shipping from the US. Arrives in 1-4 days.
  • 24/7 Customer support and tracking available for all orders

The blue lab-grown Sapphire - the gem of fidelity; gets ethically sourced from Switzerland, given a stellar oval cut and is ringed by fifteen bright crystals to perfectly reflect the light because you’re worth it.

It all sits in an authentic (hallmarked) sterling silver crown, complementing your summer dresses and furry coats

Usually we charge over $400 dollars for this ring...

However in celebration of our new boutique store opening in London, we are giving it away for just $76!!

So, don’t wait any longer. 

Click the button below today to claim your Princess Diana engagement ring and celebrate timeless class and beauty with us!

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Princess Diana Ring Measurements

First Class Craftsmanship

You get first class craftsmanshipfrom one of the largest jewellery families in Europe.

Founded by the Azuelos family, Décor Raro boasts of its rich heritage that traces back to the 1920s in Morocco.

A century later and we still continue to curate the best of high-quality European design, creating many pieces for royal clientele.

Don’t limit your lifestyle.

 Add a little elegance to your routine with this stunning velvety-blue sapphire ring.


The Very Special Sale

With over 120,000 happy customers, our reputation shines as bright as our crystals.

Aside from its famed historical touch and lauded build quality, what makes this deal exceptional is its discounted price.

These particular rings retail in Décor Raro stores for $430.00

But you just got lucky!

We’re celebrating the launch of our new flagship store and as a goodwill gesture, we have decided to release just 1,000 of these beautiful sapphire rings for only $76.00!

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  • Décor Raro is BBB Business Accredited
  • Registered Business in Great Britain. 
  • They offer a satisfaction guarantee on all orders.
  • 24/7 Support & Customer Service
  • Each order ships from the US, and comes with a tracking number, so you can personally check on the status of your order.

200+ Verified 5 Star Reviews


"It's beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, My favourite stone I will ever wear!

I always was in love with the Blue sapphire, Princess Diana was a remarkable lady, and it's an honour to wear the blue sapphire.

Ring fits perfect, glowing stones, a wonderful made ring, 1000 per cent in love with it!!

Thank you so much!

- Gertie B, Décor Raro Customer


"The ring is beyond amazing. I am very impressed so far. Thank you very much"

- Diane G, Décor Raro Customer


"My wife was so surprised to get the ring, she has not taken it off since I gave to her, she just loves it.

 I'm very pleased and so glad that I bought the ring for her, also she just love the earrings and it makes such a beautiful set and they both look so well on her, thank you so much and a lot of our friends also likes this the ring and earrings"

- Dennis M, Décor Raro Customer


"I absolutely love this ring. It is exactly as shown in the picture. It’ fits perfectly and I have received numerous compliments on it since receiving it.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested!!"

- Jackie W, Décor Raro Customer


Shop now to get the exclusive 82% OFF price of only $76.00 + FREE SHIPPING

You’ll never see the price this low again.

Lose no time and get your sparkle on!


Oval-Cut Grade Sapphire from Switzerland.

Solid Sterling Silver that doesn't turn your finger green! This is the real deal. No cheap knock-offs!

Wear one of the most iconic rings in the world

Treat yourself to the best deal of the year. Maybe share it with friends and family too.

This ring is made from the most exceptional oval cut grade sapphire from Switzerland. Surrounded by mesmerising crystals.

Princess Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire Ring
Princess Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire Ring
Princess Diana's Silver Ring - DÉCOR RARO
Princess Diana Ring & Kate Middleton Ring
Lady Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire & Sterling Silver Ring - DÉCOR RARO
Lady Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire & Sterling Silver Ring - DÉCOR RARO
Lady Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire & Sterling Silver Ring - DÉCOR RARO
Lady Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire & Sterling Silver Ring - DÉCOR RARO

Princess Diana's Royal Engagement Sapphire Ring